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A player who has won one point after deuce is said to have the advantage. Jeżeli piłka dotykając siatki a właściwie taśmy trafi w prawidłowe karo serwisowe to wywoływany jest tzw.

A[ edit ] Ace : Serve where the tennis ball lands inside the service box and is not touched by the receiver; thus, a shot that is both a serve and a winner is an ace.

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Aces are usually powerful and generally land on or near one of the corners at the back of the service box. Initially, the term was used to indicate the scoring of a point. See scoring in tennis Advantage set: Set won by a player or team having won at least six games with a two-game advantage over the opponent as opposed to a tiebreak format. Final sets in the singles draws of the French Open remains the only major tennis event to use all advantage sets.

Glossary of tennis terms

In the past, they were used at Olympic tennis events untilDavis Cup untilFed Cup untilAustralian Open until and Wimbledon until when they all switched to tie breaks. Advantage: When one player wins the first point from a deuce and needs one more point to win the game; not applicable when using deciding points.

The winner of the All-Comers event would play the title holder in the Challenge Round.

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When both players are at 40, the preferred term is deuce. Such a player may be a lucky loser. Approach shot: A groundstroke shot used as a setup as the player approaches the net, often using underspin or topspin. The top eight players at the end of the year qualify for the ATP Finals. Australian formation: In doubles, a formation where the server and partner stand on the same side of the court before starting the point. A backhand is often hit by a right-handed player when the ball is on the left side of the court, and vice versa.

The trajectory of the shot is affected by an upward force that lifts the ball. See Magnus effect.

See also breadstick. Introduced in the s.

Ball boys in net positions normally kneel near the net and run across the court to collect the ball, while ball boys in the back positions stand in the back along the perimeter of the arena.

Ball boys in the back are responsible for giving the balls to the player serving. If the ball goes over the baseline it will be the other player's point. Bisque: One stroke pointwhich may be claimed by the receiver at any part of the set.

Part of the handicapping odds and used during the early era of the sport. Abolished by the LTA in The trajectory of the bounce can be affected by the surface and weather, the amount 15- 40 strategii tenisowej type of spin and 15- 40 strategii tenisowej power of the shot.

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See also bagel. Break point: Point which, if won by the receiver, would result in a break of service; arises when the score is 30—40 or 40—ad.

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A double break point or two break points arises at 15—40; a triple break point or three break points arises at 0— At high level of play the server is more likely to win a game, so breaks are often key moments of a match. Noun: break service break e. Used, for example, by Rafael Nadal racket head crosses the opposite shoulder and Maria Sharapova racket head stays on the same shoulder.

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Byes are often awarded in the first round to the top-seeded players in a tournament. C[ edit ] A tennis court with its dimensions and components Call: Verbal utterance by a line judge or chair umpire declaring that a ball landed outside the valid area of play. Cannonball: Somewhat archaic term for a very fast, flat serve.

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The term is rarely used in doubles, although the feat has been more common in that discipline. It has been achieved individually by nine wheelchair tennis players and three able-bodied players Pam ShriverGigi FernándezDaniel Nestorand by three teams The Woodiesthe Williams sistersand the Bryan brothers.

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Tennis at the Olympics was not played — Career Grand Slam or career slam : Players who have won all four Major championships 15- 40 strategii tenisowej the course of their career but not within the same calendar year are Jak stworzyc wlasna strategie handlowa to have won a career Grand Slam. Previously common for indoor professional events, the surface was dropped from major pro tournaments in See carpet court.

Carve: To hit a groundstroke shot with a combination of sidespin and underspin. Centre mark: Small mark located at the centre of the baseline. When serving the player must stand on the correct side of the mark corresponding with the score. The challenge round was used in the early history of Wimbledon from through and the US Open from throughand, untilin the Davis Cup. See Hawk-Eye. Challenges are only available in some large tournaments. Players, generally ranked around world no. Change-over or change of ends : 90 second rest time after every odd-numbered game when the players change ends.

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Aimed at putting the opponent under pressure. See: clay court. Closed stance: Classic technique in which the ball is hit while the hitter's body is facing at an angle between parallel to the baseline and with their back Zainwestuj Bitcoin HL. to the opponent.

The first violation results in a warning; the second, a point penalty; the third and more, a game penalty each. A code violation may also be judged severe enough to result in the player having to forfeit the match immediately without having to go through the three or more automatic penalty stages.

There often follows additional monetary fine for each code violation. Consolidate a break : To hold serve in the game immediately following a break of serve. Continental grip: way of holding the racket in which the bottom knuckle of the index finger is in contact with the top of the handle and the heel of the hand with the bevel directly clockwise from it.